Our packs are made the way hunts are ...One detail at a time.




Years of hunting sewn right in.

At BisonGear, we pay attention to every last detail. Because we know that as a hunter, you'll pay attention to every detail, too. All BisonGear packs are designed specifically for hunting big game. They feature low profiles, excellent weight distribution and our very own EveryWhichWay
adjustable straps. And all are custom-built one at a time to your size and specifications. We'll even augment our pack designs to fit external frames or create made-to-order packs and duffles for hunting any game, anywhere in the world. What's more, our turnaround on custom work is nothing short of gazelle-like.




   Currently we are not taking any orders as we are in the midst of moving our production facility across the country and will not be back up and running until the Spring. Thank You for your patience, and stay tuned for OUR RELAUNCH!