They say a picture is worth a thousand words ...Well, here are some words that can't be caught in pictures.

"I would say Bison Gear is at the top of the heap when it comes to packs, and there literally is a "heap" of them to choose from. I agree with what Charlie has said. One minor drawback would be the weight of the wool, but not enough to keep me from buying one. Angelo is a top notch guy to deal with, and also VERY generous and supportive when it comes to donations and helping out others. He gave each kid on the PBS Youth Leadership Camp/Hunt a fanny pack, has donated tons of stuff to PBS and other worthwhile organizations to help raise money. That alone should persuade folks to deal with him, and the quality of the pack seals the deal."

Kevin Bahr

“Angelo - This is Andy White from Ohio - Ed and I took our new packs to Utah a couple months ago - love the packs - it took a horse to get mine out but we packed Ed's out in our packs. I always thought your packs were expensive - the first fifty miles in the mountains proved my bison pack to be one of the very best deals I've ever come across.”

Andy White

“I'm sure proud of mine. My wonderful wife bought me the first trip explorer model in Predator...only pack I've ever had on that I could shoot my bow with and it not get in the way any.”


“I've got one of their "Lost River" packs and can't say enough good things about it! Room enough to carry a light bivvy type camp if I wanted to and for normal day to day hunting near home it's "da bomb". Holds all my goodies with room to spare. Very comfortable.”

Charlie Lamb

“I suppose it boils down to dependability, versatility and cost. That said, the Bison Gear line of field packs is the best! I actually designed the position and size of much of my Bison pack!...Ya can't beat that! Angelo Christiano is a great guy and bends over backwards to give ya what you want, not to mention an honorable man...Go Bison gear.”

Tom Lagatol

"I have used Bison Gear packs since it was Pack Idaho ( three owners ago) best pack out there by far. Now with Angelo at the helm they are even better. Top quality material and top quality design . You wont regret purchasing one. Unless of course you like to purchase lots of cheap packs that fall apart, rather than one pack that will last years."

Ted Fry

"I have 2 and want another! I've taken mine from Canada to Florida to Africa. Great size pockets to separate gear and top quality wool and zippers. I especially like the way they carry. With the shoulder straps and the waist belt, the weight is distributed perfectly. Angelo is top-notch."

Wayne Hoffman

"Best pack I have owned in 33 years of hunting. Angelo rocks! All their gear is the best in quality, craftsmanship, customer service is top notch."

Rich Lopez

"I have a saddlecloth First Trip Explorer...I believe I will use it early season out west for the most part so extreme cold shouldnt be an issue for the pack- I was more worried about wet and weight. For late season, really cold stuff I have a bigger pack so I can carry a box of those hand warmer packets and a huge thermos of hot tea - otherwise I cant stay on stand long...Ange's stuff is great...I like the internal game bag inside the first trip explorer I can cut out the backstraps and loins and carry those back to camp, get my frame and then go back to get the rest of the meat if I am elk or mule deer hunting in the Rockies."

Ray Hammond

"I have that pack from when it was made by Idaho Pack, that will give you some idea how long I've had it, I would not use anything else. Any pack will be warm in hot weather, however bison gear packs have a mesh that is aganist your skin not wool. They are no warmer than anyother pack of that type. Your money will be well spent on a bison gear pack."

Bob Burton

"Over the past 25+ years of bowhunting, I have tried many popular methods of carrying gear/arrows in the woods. My overall conclusion is that there really isn't a 'prefect' method yet devised to fit every need or situation, so you have to either be flexible or find the one that is the most conducive to your own bowhunting approach.

Some folks prefer to go in real light and then go on to "plan B" in case they shoot a critter. However, I've been just successful enough with my recurve to know that you really can't predict when everything is going to line up right and you find yourself on a good blood trail. So carrying what you need to field dress a downed animal and get it out of the woods is a good plan.

Having tried Catquivers, bow quivers, back quivers, backpacks, hip quivers, and fanny packs in various combinations, I've found that a fanny/hip quiver combo fits most of my normal whitetail hunting needs. Since I live in a northern climate and often have to add some layers after arriving on stand, a pack with the ability to cinch extra duds on is a must.

My biggest gripe about typical fanny packs is that they tend to sag at your rear and pull your pants down. Of course that isn't as much of a problem if you are wearing bibs, but it still bunches the longjohns........ So I got to looking around several years ago at the GLLI and found the Bison Gear booth.

Three main factors of the BG packs caught my attention; A)Excellent Design, B)Constructed of wool for quietness and durability, C)Optional custom pouches and straps to match the needs of each individual. The only thing that held me back was they were a lot more than I was used to paying for a pack............

Well I took the literature home and "thunk it over" for a long while, finally deciding that the shoulder strap feature was alone worth the investment. The next year, I was ready to order but they didn't have a booth. When I got home, my wife asked if I had purchased anything and I told her about the Bison Gear pack. Well she up and surprised me by suggesting that it would make a great anniversary dang, now THAT is a good woman, eh?

After 5 years of hard use, my BG pack still looks virtually new and has performed flawlessly. Even after being hung dozens of time in a tree by the loop, set in snowbanks, bloodied from field dressing, and drenched in downpours several times. It is quiet, comfortable, and sufficent to hold all the gear I prefer to carry. Anything that doesn't fit likely doesn't need to be along on every hunt.

Not one stitch has come loose nor has there been any problems with the wool fabric/straps. When you find gear that meets or exceeds your expectations, its time to share the news. Well there you have it..."

Tom Lutke

   Currently we are not taking any orders as we are in the midst of moving our production facility across the country and will not be back up and running until the Spring. Thank You for your patience, and stay tuned for OUR RELAUNCH!