Our packs are made the way hunts are ...One detail at a time.


BisonGear packs...

are designed by hunters, tested by hunters and cut, sewn and fitted one at a time to do one thing – hunt. Our packs start with field-proven ergonomic designs drawn from decades in the woods. Each has lumbar support and hip pads sewn in. Each is compact for a low center of gravity. And each features straps that adjust more ways than a hunter's plan of attack. The result? You can move through tight brush without getting hung up, carry a busload of gear without strain and shoot unhindered while wearing a BisonGear pack.



Our materials...

are drawn from lessons learned hunting. Part traditional, part technical, they're quiet, durable, subtle and able to stick it out in any weather. Exteriors are camo and earth-tone Woolens, Wolfskin™, Bucksuedes
™, Fleece, and Ballisticloth that are not only durable and naturally water resistant, but also silent as your shadow. We line our packs with quiet, water-repellent ripstop Supplex. Straps are nylon, hardware is ShellShock and zippers are bomb-proof.

Lastly, we combine intelligent design and quality materials with craftsmanship. Each BisonGear pack is one of a kind. You order it. We sew it. This means it usually takes about three weeks to get your pack. It also means you get a pack that fits you perfectly and is customized to your needs.



most importantly...
PROUD to be 100% Made in the USA!

   Currently we are not taking any orders as we are in the midst of moving our production facility across the country and will not be back up and running until the Spring. Thank You for your patience, and stay tuned for OUR RELAUNCH!